Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Good Mommy Day

Olivia has been struggling with her mixed multiplication facts. She's gotten through all of her single fact tests without much trouble, but she's been stuck on the mixed facts for about a month. Her teacher gives the students 5 minute timed tests and they only get to move on if they score 80% or better.

Lately, Olivia has been very bothered that she hasn't been able to move on. As a mom to 4, it's hard to make time for everyone and with Olivia being the oldest and pretty self-sufficient, she tends to get put at the bottom of the list (oooh, it pains me to say that!).

Well, today I'm giving myself a pat on the back. I went out and got some new twistable crayons ... complete with glitter and rainbow colors and some white index cards. I found a great website that has all sorts of downloadable math worksheets and printed a bunch off.

When she came home from school today, I presented her with my idea. She's going to use her new crayons to make her own flash cards! I could have purchased flash cards from the dollar store, but I figured she would learn better by doing them herself. Initially she didn't look very enthused (with that "Oh Mom, you're NOT serious!" look), but I held stedfast in my excitement and told her that I never really learned my multiplication facts in school and that I was going to study with her (Oh no, what did I just do?!). Then, we could have timed tests against each other to see who wins! Suddenly, she thought that was hilarious and loved the idea!

We kept the TV off all afternoon. She worked on her flash cards, Nicholas worked on a craft project while I cleaned the kitchen with the iPod playing butt-shaking hip hop music (thank you, Lady GaGa!). We were all laughing and having a great time together.

It's a Good Mommy Day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

These are NOT my kids!

Vito started an exercise regimen about a month ago. He gets up at the crack of dawn every other day and goes outside for a walk. Lately, he's graduated from walking to running. Don't forget, this is February in upstate New York, so you must be impressed! Olivia and Nicholas found out this week that he had been going into the village and they decided that they wanted to go with him. He agreed that this morning would fit best into his schedule.

I think he was hoping they would forget, but they reminded him before bed last night that they were going with him to the village in the morning. They set out their warm clothes so they wouldn't waste any time in the morning getting dressed to go out with Daddy. Olivia set her alarm for 5:30 am and Vito was supposed to wake Nicholas up since he doesn't have an alarm.

I had visions of two very sleepy children not wanting to get up at all in 5:30 in the morning. I figured Olivia's alarm would be ringing right next to her head with her sound asleep leaving Vito or I to turn it off. And Nicholas would most certainly be dead weight. But no ...

We got the SHOCK of our lives when Nicholas came into our room at 5:11 am to wake up Vito!!

"Dad, is it time to go yet??"

"No, go back to bed and don't get up until 5:30."

We hear him walk quietly back to his room and close the door.

Next thing we know, it's Olivia in our room about 5 minutes later with a repeat of the same dialog!!

HOLY CRAP! Where did these children come from??? Surely, they can't be mine! I am seriously allergic to morning ... especially if it's still DARK outside!!

But of course, we're now both wide awake and chuckling to ourselves. I guess they really want to go for that early morning walk with Daddy! Vito gets up (even though it's not yet 5:30) and I roll over for a few more minutes of snooze time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Say, "I told you so!"

"You're gonna do WHAT??!"

"I'm going to start a blog!", I said.

"You really think you have time for that??!"

"Oh, yes! I need to make time for the things that are important, and this is important to me!"


"Because I've always loved to journal and I've gotten away from it. I want to remember all the little things in life and give my kids something to look back as the years go by."

Well, that was over 6 months ago! I made such a valiant start too. Brimming with good intentions! But then school let out and I was home for the summer with four kids to entertain. And I guess this blogging thing hadn't become much of a way of life for me yet. So, it got put on the back burner ... they waaaaaaay back burner!! So, that being said, here I am again to make another start!!

Thanks for sticking it out and making this journey with me! Here we go again!!