Monday, June 29, 2009

Reading Glasses? Seriously?!?

I have just done the unthinkable. I purchased my first pair of READING GLASSES!! Surely, I am WAAAAY too young to need reading glasses, right??

With summer here and all that goes with it ... swimming, sweating, sunglasses ... I decided to break out my contacts and start wearing them again. One problem ... now I can't see CLOSE-UP! In recent years, with my glasses on, I would just peer around or under them if I need to read something close, like menus, labels, the cell phone or the computer. I can't peer around or under my contacts so this method wasn't working for me. My arms aren't long enough to see these things and I've had to ask my daughter to read my text messages!! My contacts are quite old so I figured it was time for an appointment with the eye doctor to see what kind of new technology was out there. Surely there would be a solution to my problem.

So, what is the first thing this beautiful and YOUNG doctor says to me? "Oh, you're OVER 40 ... and it's just gonna get WORSE." Are you joking???? That's all you have to say?? I wanted to slap her!

I could try mono-vision contacts (my brain can't handle the confusion) or bi-focal contacts (if I want to sacrifice comfort) or ... I could just stay status quo and get myself a pair of READING GLASSES if I want to see something close-up.

So, here I am ... sporting my new pair of fashion blue reading glasses! And you know what? They work!!

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