Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Snow

It looks like a flock of sheep exploded in our front yard! It "snows" at our house every year from May to July thanks to our neighbor's Cottonwood Tree. And every year my husband's blood BOILS when the cotton fluff starts to fall, flying through the air and landing all over our entire yard. It blows into our noses and makes us sneeze, blows into our mouths when we speak, spreads itself all over our garage making piles of fluff all over the floor, it sticks to our shoes and tracks into our house, it lands in our gutters, sticks to our air conditioner unit ... basically making our lives miserable to 2 to 3 months!

What bothers us the most is that this wonderful giant WEED of a tree is in our neighbor's yard. The wind blows in the direction of our house so we get all the glorious cotton fluff at our house while our neighbor's yard seems to happily miss most of this wonderful white fuzz! The tree is rooted in their yard, but grows over our yard, shading our beautiful pine tree and making it grow crooked toward our house while it looks for the sunshine!

This year my husband has decided that he's had enough!! He's decided that we're going to hire someone to stake our property to determine exactly how much of the wonderful tree is growing over our yard. Then we can break out the chain saw and re-claim our sanity!!

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